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Adventures! [Jun. 3rd, 2004|11:50 am]
Pandora Kitty


[mood |enthralledenthralled]

Last night my Mummy wasn't feeling very well so she went to bed early (well early for her!) When she woke up this morning she was very confused as she couldn't see or hear me. She woke Uncle Mat up and asked him, but they just thought I was hiding somewhere, until half an hour later after much box rattling and other such noises I like didn't make me magically appear they got worried.

Uncle Mat looked outside for me, Mummy looked outside for me, and every knook and cranny she could see in the house. Eventually Uncle Mat went to work, and Mummy stayed home as she wasn't very well anyway, at 9am she posted on her live journal that I was missing, and lots of people got worried about me, (sorry, bad kitty!) she continued to look (and now has to do lots of tidying from that!) but couldn't find me.

At 10am, Mummy decided to go outside with my Catnip treats which rattle and ask the neighbours and shop in front if they'd seen me!

Soo ... Mummy shook her treats in the back yard and I heard them and meowed, Mummy says this was a very pathetic cry and she was very scared as she wasn't sure if it was me, where I was, or if I was hurt. I was sat quite *happily* on the wall between ours and the next house hidden by bushes, Mummy came to pick me up, but the next door neighbours dog came out to play, so we ran down the back passage to the main road, and then back up again.

The dog went to play with something else and I got 7 foot up the back wall (helped by a table) I gave up on this and sat on the table waiting for the dog to come and play again. At which point Mummy picked me up, so I hung on to her, just to be polite, and she took me inside, whilst assuring the neighbour I was fine, who thought I was lovely and gave me a fuss!

I have now had lots of food, fuss, and curled up on Mummy's clean clothes on her bed! lol I am a good kitty! Apparently asw909 is also making me a new icon so that will be fun to play with!

[User Picture]From: asw909
2004-06-03 11:07 am (UTC)
There is indeed a new icon to follow.

Will e-mail it across early this evening (not had the chance to sort it just yet).
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