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Pandora Kitty

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[May. 16th, 2004|02:49 pm]
Pandora Kitty


[mood |pleasedPlayful]
[music |Therapy?]

Mummy says I've been very rude and haven't updated for a while. And apparently moth_boy inquired as to my health the other day, although he hasn't come to see me :-(

Mummy went to a pig roast last night and saw lots of my friends, but refused to take me :-( Apparently I couldn't be trusted to behave! Hmph!

She did however then go and see my very pretty Auntie Lizzie and Iain, and Mrs Trish gave Mummy a little pressie for me! Mummy tried to find a picture of it whilst I played with her earlier but she couldn't, so I have to try and describe it.

My Kitten Mitten
It's a blue *thick* glove which fits over someone's hand, and the four fingers (why humans have fingers I don't know) are much longer and have these big blue balls on them with make a noise, and smell very nice! Mummy loves playing with it and me as it's supposed to protect her hands when she's playing with me, so we can play for longer without her screaming in pain :-) But she isn't too happy with me as I've managed to pull one of my balls off already! (opps) and the glove isn't that thick as her wrist is bleeding.

*big yawn*

I'm all tired out from making mummy bleed, so I'm going to sleep in the window now!

EDIT: Mummy says my Kitten Mitten looks like it should belong to a Court Jester!